Our oat mill in Boyndie is one of the most modern in Europe, combining traditional methods with modern production, to ensure a top quality Scottish product from field to table.  In January 2012 we brought traditional oat-making into the modern age, when we installed a wind turbine to power the mill, and do our bit to help save the planet.

  • 1. Harvesting

    1. Harvesting

    We only ever use prime quality Scottish oats in our Scottish Porridge Oats and Scottish Oatmeal, made from oats grown in Scotland from Scottish seed, which is closely monitored from seed to harvest. We work closely with a network of farmers the length and breadth of Scotland, with a predominance of farmers in the north east of Scotland, near our oat mill at Boyndie in Banffshire, in the heart of Scotland’s oat growing countryside. Many of them have worked with us for several generations. Our insistence on the highest standards helps to ensure that we have access to the best crops available.
  • 2. Quality Check

    2. Quality Check

    As each load arrives at the mill it is subject to rigorous inspection and testing.
  • 3. Transport and Intake

    3. Transport and Intake

    As the oats are unloaded at the grain intake area, any small sticks, stones and impurities are removed using sieves and air in a rotating drum, before being cleaned.
  • 4. Storage

    4. Storage

    The oats are stored in storage silos for long term storage. They are moved to our smaller day silos as we require them in the mill.
  • 5. Hulling

    5. Hulling

    The outer husks are removed by passing them through a drum which revolves at high speed against a flat surface, causing the oat to spring from its husk. The discarded husks are used in animal feed.
  • 6. Roasting or Kilning

    6. Roasting or Kilning

    The oats are heated and dried in kilns, to remove their natural moisture. The kilning gives them a lovely golden colour and distinctive aroma.
  • 7. Milling

    7. Milling

    Although our mill is one of the most modern in Europe, the oats are still milled using traditional methods. The oats are either steel cut to produce Pinhead Oatmeal, as shown on the right, then the Pinhead can be stoneground using stone wheels to produce Medium Oatmeal or rolled to produce Porridge Oats.
  • 8. Packing

    8. Packing

    We use automatic packaging lines to fill, weigh and seal each pack, which are then packed into cardboard boxes for delivery to your local store.
  • 9. The Finished Product

    9. The Finished Product

    Our porridge oats and oatmeal are enjoyed by healthy eaters the length and breadth of Scotland. Whether enjoyed as the main part of a healthy breakfast, or used as ingredients in a wide variety of sweet and savoury recipes, Hamlyns of Scotland products are healthy wholesome and 100% Scottish.